The Lamp


One Of A Kind

My inspiration is captured in the moment of crafting the lamp which makes it completely unique. I strongly believe that nature is the greatest artist of all, and by using its distinctive gourds I create a perfect match between nature & human art – dart lamps only you will have. Ever. To make it even more customizable, I can engrave anything you would like on a special piece of wood you choose. Want to know how I do all of this? Take a peek at my [creation] process.


Do you feel like you deserve more?

That’s because you do. I promise you nothing can replace the feeling of pure joy when you turn the dart lamp on. I’ve tried to bring that feeling closer to you with various animations and images on the website, but the truth is once you finally lay hands on your dart lamp, only then will you experience that once-in-a-lifetime feeling. The light seeping through an intricately carved gourd and passing through thousands of holes will make you feel special, calm, and give your space a dash of magic. A unique piece of furniture that will be the warm centerpiece during the holidays or throughout the year for any room in your home, the Dart lamp welcomes you into its warm glow.


Do you want your visitors to be dazzled when they enter your home?

Your Dart lamp will be your lifelong companion, always there to brighten your day and delight your friends & family when they visit.

Be it a coffee with a new neighbor or a dinner with a couple of friends, dart lamp will leave everyone speechless. You may get a lot of “Where did you buy this lamp?“ so be prepared. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


How to take care of your dart lamp?

I make the Dart lamps entirely of natural materials. It means they are completely sustainable and eco-friendly, but any improper handling may damage them. Because of the structure of the gourds whose walls are merely 5 mm thick; the Dart Lamps are unfortunately highly susceptible to shocks and falls.

The lamps are protected and impregnated with wax so that maintenance is done only with a dry cloth or brush without the use of any cleaning agents.

The lamps are not intended for open spaces where there may be contact with moisture and are intended solely for indoor use.