Watch out - unique lamps you’ll fall in love with!
You are special and one of a kind. Why wouldn't your lamp be the same? Dart lamp is a luxurious piece of art so rare you'll be the only person in your city and even country to have it. Are you brave enough to dive deeper into the world of dart lamp's high living aesthetic?
Add a touch of magic to your living space
You'll not get just some lamp, you'll get a dart lamp that is a piece of art crafted with love and passion, only for you! It will be your daily source of inspiration and creativity, but also amaze everyone who crosses your doorstep!
Do you know how to keep a secret?
I’ll reveal to you how I create dart lamps, but don’t tell anyone, ok? Now that we have made a deal - let me tell you my secret. I create dart lamps out of the finest gourds that originate in Africa. There are no identical dart lamps in the world - every single one has a unique process, inspiration, and design.
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Dart lamp

Illuminate your life by bringing the deluxe lightning you deserve into it.


You can’t pick it up from a store right away, but that’s the charm of it. Maybe that’s not the best choice for work in today’s consumerism world where people want everything right away, but I am driven by different goals. Dart lamp is carefully handmade only for people who are exceptional enough to appreciate every hour, day, and a week I spend creating their lamp.

Peculiar & Eco-Friendly

Do You value hours, days, and weeks of artist effort? Does a handmade product give you greater satisfaction?
If the answer is Yes than DartLamp is a lamp for you. Check out my catalogue of available lamps at this moment.


Check out

The lamps I've created so far!

Created to last, with unique details and one-of-a-kind design.

Made only for those with a refined taste for art and love for nature. Nature creates art in the most unexpected ways and the Dart lamp represents a strong symbiosis between human art and nature.

Beautiful ornaments during the day, astonishing pieces of lightning during the night.

You can enjoy the natural shape and decoration of the gourd; while during the night this piece of art transforms into a lamp and through the shadow play reflects the artwork on the environment.


Are you ready to discover the different world where art is appreciated and creativity flows? You just have to tell me what kind of lamp you want and I'll take care of everything else!

Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Shipping

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your dart lamp, I guarantee you a full refund, excluding shipping.

I Value Your Admiration

Special offer for customers spending over €1200 - just enter a promo code “DARTLAMP" at the checkout and claim it!

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