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Secrets of making a
Dart Lamp
are revealed
Dart lamps are made of
carefully selected high quality
gourds of African origin.
Entire process is inspiring
and unique for each lamp.
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Isn't nature unique?
Each gourd is unique and my inspiration
in that moment of life is unique. If you have a special piece of wood, I can use it for a base and add a engraved title just for you.
Feel free to contact me regarding
all your desires.


Do You value hours, days
and weeks of artist effort?
Does a handmade product gives
you greater satisfaction?
If the answer is Yes,
than DartLamp is a lamp for you.
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All my clients are free
to visit me in Kovacica,
place of naive artists
and where all DartLamps are created.
Find out more about me and my
journey to gourd lamp world.

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It was after completing my design studies in Belgrade (2005), that I made my first Dart lamp. It takes around 100+ working hours to make one Dart lamp.

The Dart lamps are one of a kind, skillfully handmade creations that combine the natural look with graceful harmony and subtle elegance.

The decorations on the lamps are characterized by a dynamic form of grace and symmetry on which perforated, carved and painted surfaces are encountered.

With over 50 lamps created, customers all over the world are my greatest satisfaction. Want one? Check my Store or how it’s made to find a inspiration for your future lamp and meanwhile, join my newsletter list to find out when a new lamp is created.

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