Dart lamps will never be made in bulk or sold in great quantities – because I am the only artist that makes them. You are welcome to visit me any time in Kovacica, where I live with other naive artists and create dart lamps. To get to know me better, I’ll introduce myself to you and tell you how I came up with the idea of dart lamps and why I am so devoted to it.

… The ability to directly influence the ambiance in one’s space is very tempting and inspirational…isn’t it?


This is where the story of the Dart lamps begins…

Growing up in Kovacica, the Vojvodina Plain, I, Daniel Valovec (born in 1981) had almost daily encounters with a singular fruit – the gourd, be it as a plant, or the dried fruit that is used in households for a variety of purposes. In recent times, the world-renowned Kovacica naive painters use the dried shell of the gourd as a canvas for painting.

Still, surrounded by this specific painting style, I sought a fresh wave of creativity to articulate my artistic view. Thus, in the dried shell of the gourd, I recognized the exceptional artistic potential.

It was after completing my design studies in Belgrade (2005), that I made my first Dart lamp.

As I said before, I find the greatest inspiration for making Dart lamps in nature.

The manufacturing process itself is lengthy and contains many phases. Most of these phases require great patience and skill, as each detail is made by hand. The shape of the gourd determines the shape of the lamp, but also the shape and arrangement of the ornaments that will adorn it, therefore each lamp is truly one of a kind.

The Dart lamp represents the harmony between two contrasts – in the daylight, when it is turned off, it displays ornaments varying in color, shape, and depth of carving.

Once turned on, through the light, it reflects those ornaments on the surrounding space creating a magical atmosphere. These contrasts of light and shadows are my greatest inspiration and the core of the idea of the Dart lamp itself.

I’ll be glad to hear more about you, what drives you and how unique you are. If you are reading this, I know you are an exceptional human being that is seeking something different in the world where everything blends rather than stands out.


What are you waiting for?

Add a little bit of class to your space and infuse it with some excitement.