dart lamp

“Details matter, they create depth, and depth creates authenticity.”

Little things make big things happen. We are all shaped by the decisions we make daily and Dart lamps are the same. There is no room for error because every detail is made by my hand and it's on the lamp forever.

A dynamic form of grace and symmetry characterizes the decorations on the lamps on which you can find perforated, carved, and painted surfaces.


The manufacturing process

Respecting the motto – that nature is the greatest of all artists – my work with the gourds always starts from the very shape and size of the fruit made by nature. When holding the dried shell of the gourd in your hands, ideas, and creative solutions spring – it is in these moments that a perfect blend of nature and art comes together.

After completing my design studies in Belgrade (2005), I made my first Dart lamp. It takes me over one hundred working hours to make only one Dart lamp. With almost 50 lamps created, customers all over the world who enjoy them daily are my greatest accomplishment. I make dart lamps out of carefully selected & high-quality gourds from Africa. In African cultures, gourds are still used to make traditional instruments and dishes because of their uniform structure. They are very ductile and compact, which makes them great to work with.

You can say that by buying a dart lamp you’ll not only have a part of my life I have devoted to crafting it for you, but also a part of nature that will adorn your environment for a very long time.


When skills meet the purpose

Perfectly combined patterns to deliver the right mood and endless inspiration, thus creating harmony you’ll enjoy daily.

Inspiration can be found anywhere – you just need to learn to see it. For me, nature is one of the biggest inspirations and I am glad I could combine my love for nature with my skills to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art.


Where darkness meets light, beautiful shadow play is created

You won’t be able to take your eyes off your new environment. Why do I say new, when you only bought a lamp? Because it’s a dart lamp that gives off a completely unique vibe and adds the soul to your space while influencing positively your mood, creativity, and inspiration. Create an irresistible, warm and romantic atmosphere that will impress everyone by buying a dart lamp I will be privileged to craft for you!


Tools & stages

Making Dart lamps itself consists of several stages that are interconnected; the selection of the gourd, cleaning, wax impregnation, design, dyeing, engraving, carving, and installation of the base stand.

Each manufacturing stage is important because it affects the end quality of the Dart lamps!

One of the most important stages is the carving perforation, where I use 0.2 mm drills so that each perforation is facing the light source, giving the lamp its unique sharp shadows.

For the manufacturing of these, I use the Proxxon, Dremel, and NSK tools.

An essential part of the Dart lamps is the wooden stand designed specifically for each lamp.

I chose the wood for the base of the lamp to incorporate its aesthetic characteristics into the design of the lamp.

To make the base stand, I like to use high-quality wood pieces that have their own distinctive traits and histories.

For lamp #40 for example, I used a local wood by the name of Poplar Burl, which has very specific looks and color texture.

Most notably the stands for lamps #39, #41, and $43 were made with Celtis australis. The pieces are in fact from a tree that is over 150 years old and is still planted by the church in Kovacica. It is believed this tree to be as old as the place itself and that it was here even before the church was built. Wouldn’t it be great to have a part of history in your home?
With a dart lamp, it’s possible, you only have to [contact me] and we’ll chat about special ideas you have about your lamp!