Dart Lamp No29

size & power


Height: 32 cm
Width: 20 cm
Cable length: 180 cm
Halogen bulb (included)
Power: 220 V


About the lamp

The lamp is made of a dry gourd attached to the wooden base. Decorated with painting, drilling, carving, and pyrography. The inside of the lamp is impregnated against heat; the surface is painted with an oil finish and natural wax, which emphasize the natural shine, color, and texture of the surface. The wooden stand is a dark walnut average of 15 cm making the steady lamp base. This lamp is made to have two perspectives. By day you can enjoy the natural shape and decoration of the gourd. By night this object d’art transforms into a lamp which through the shadowplay reflects the artwork on the environment. Carved ornaments on the gourd add a unique see-through effect. The lamp is made to produce decorative lighting and to make the atmosphere of your home even cozier.